A real find for collectors

Strange as it may seem, it was precisely the specialists from Chistopol who were the first in the USSR to manage to get the East mechanical watches by the time of the sensational accuracy of the movement,

which amounted to 10 seconds per day. For comparison, it can be noted that if in our time the accuracy of mechanical watches is up to 5 seconds per day, then they can be safely called a chronometer. And the accuracy of quartz watches today is 20 seconds per month. And in this regard, mechanics loses competition completely.
  For reference, we can note that the certification of timepieces is done only in Switzerland (this is done by the COSC timekeeping institute). It is not difficult to guess the approximate cost of such certification and the subsequent price of certified watches.
   In addition to technical innovations and a number of know-how, vostok watches brand also boasts the first introduction of hands glowing in the dark, as well as numbers on the dial. Also in the 60s, watches of this brand began to be produced, on which stood an octane balance and an instant switching calendar. And in 1965, Chistopol Watch Factory was the main supplier of men’s watches for the Ministry of Defense, which were already called legendary names, such as “Commander” and “Admiral”, as well as “Amphibian”.
    Amphibian waterproof watches became the most famous of all issued by ChEZ, as they served as a standard of reliability, unpretentiousness and security in various natural environments, both in the military sphere and in civilian life. The mechanisms and structural elements developed by the ChPZ specialists in those years were so strong and reliable that in the following decades they underwent minimal changes and even in insignificant details, and the basic circuit diagram has remained unchanged to this day. Such watches were equipped with the Swiss system of anchor descent, they were equipped with steel anchor wheels and forks, as well as supports that stood on ruby ​​stones. And the clockwork springs of such watches were made of specially designed «precision» alloys. And finally, a special mention is made of the original device, which nullifies the consequences of blows for the balance node. With all this, in those years there were very stringent requirements for quality, regardless of whether the watch was expensive or cheap.