How do I find a good lawyer?

People, finding themselves in a difficult situation, often turn to a lawyer with their pain and confusion. And instead of help and support, they receive … At best — wasted money and disappointment, and at worst — endless walking around the authorities, spoiled relationships and a lost case, which could be resolved in favor of the person who applied. Is there any way to distinguish a good lawyer לירום סנדה from a charlatan? How to find a person who is ready to apply all his skills and efforts in order to provide a quality service?

5 signs of a good lawyer

An inexperienced person is unlikely to be able to identify a good specialist literally at first glance. But if you know what to look for, you can increase your chances of getting quality services from a reliable specialist. A good lawyer can be recognized by 5 signs:

1. He will definitely listen to the story to the end. How often a lawyer at the very first words says something like “I see! Got it! ”Without hearing the case to the end? After all, a potential client can report such circumstances that will completely turn the situation around. In this case, you must either go to another specialist, or insist on listening to the story to the end.

2. A good lawyer will definitely ask you to provide documents on the problem with which the person came to him. For example, a client came with the fact that he wants to evict or discharge a person from an apartment that is in his possession. In this case, a lot depends on who this person is to the client, whether there are family ties, when the registration was made, who had the right to privatization, if it is an ex-husband, then when the marriage was dissolved. A lawyer must necessarily look at the certificate of ownership, order, certificate of residence, birth certificate, marriage certificate. And only after that he can propose solutions to the situation. If a lawyer is not strong in such matters, then instead of the described actions, he simply quotes a specific article, thereby offering to solve the problem.

3. A decent lawyer will always check his knowledge with the current law. Therefore, before saying something to a client, he will look into a computer or books and then he will be able to rely on specific standards. This is due to the fact that laws are constantly changing and what was relevant yesterday today may have a completely different meaning. By the way, there are special computer programs that give access to changes in legislation. And a good lawyer must have it.

4. A good lawyer will not speak badly about his colleagues, about those to whom the client has previously contacted, even if they screwed up the order. Firstly, there is the concept of professional ethics, and secondly, the same situation by two professionals can be assessed differently. The most he can afford is a comment that the situation could have been resolved differently.

5. Draw up a specific action plan. That is, after the consultation, the person knows exactly where he needs to go, what to carry and write. Better yet, a lawyer writes a sequence of actions on a piece of paper. People are much better at remembering and perceiving information that has been recorded. Only a true professional will do it with great pleasure. And also, for a certain fee, he can undertake all the necessary actions. In the latter case, he is sure to keep the client informed of all events.