How do I find a good lawyer?

If you have any health problems, you consult a doctor. At the same time, there are no problems with finding an esculap, depending on your preferences and financial situation, you will probably make an appointment at the nearest district clinic, use insurance paid for at work, or visit a private medical institution.

The situation is different if you need a specialist to solve a legal problem, in particular, a lawyer לירום סנדה. There are no law firms operating on the principle of securing a certain territory, and it is not yet accepted to pay for insurance at work for such cases.

Meanwhile, in comparison with problems related to health, the qualified resolution of a particular legal problem often has no less, if not more, fateful significance for a particular citizen. Paradoxically, but imprisonment, loss of property and other consequences of legal disputes and criminal cases are experienced by people much more difficult than loss of a tooth or even sight.