Makeup Artist in New York City

Need to order a makeup artist for a corporate party? We can offer you ready-made solutions for your clients.

The best gift for the 8th March — make-up artists and hairdressers for corporate parties, make-up artists for «Halloween», costume designers for the Venice Carnival. The best makeup and trendy hairstyles for the prom — we will find the perfect looks. We are ready to offer you sketches or photographs of hairstyles and makeup for parties in the style of «Chicago», «Hipsters», «X-Men», «Moulin Rouge», «80s style», bows from the movies «5th Element», «Sherlock Holmes», «Once Upon a Time in America».

Our top makeup artist ny are able to find the right makeup for the guests, and our dressers will prepare the guests for a costume evening. We will create a spring mood at a flower party by weaving French braids, we will make for you elegant hairstyles in the Greek style and decorate them with fresh flowers. You will definitely need to order a make-up artist, make-up artist and dresser for a corporate film or costume evening. We have various options that you can provide to your customers, all you need is to describe the task, the topic and indicate the number of people at your event, we will make an offer for you as soon as possible.