A veterinary clinic is a medical facility

A veterinary clinic is a medical facility that provides medical services to animals. Veterinary clinics can provide a wide range of services, including the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in animals, as well as surgical operations and rehabilitation procedures.

Veterinary clinics employ veterinarians who have special education and experience working with animals. They examine the animals, establish the diagnosis, prescribe treatment and press recommendations for the care of the animal.

Veterinary clinics can have different specializations such as small animal clinics (cats, dogs, rodents), large animal clinics (cows, horses, pigs), bird and exotic animal clinics. In addition, veterinary clinic 24 hours may have their own laboratory for testing and diagnosing diseases, as well as specialized equipment for performing surgeries and other procedures.

Veterinary clinics play an important role in the health and welfare of animals and in maintaining the health and safety of people who may come into contact with animals.